MoCannTrade boasts the only two legal medical cannabis (CBD) license holders in the state of Missouri as founding members. As good stewards in an industry that is 4+ years old, our association already has the respect & partnership of law enforcement and government in Missouri. Additionally, we’ve recruited some of the most esteemed professionals to our board of directors and advisory boards.  Our board and committees represent decades of experience in Missouri, other cannabis-legal state implementations and business operations as well as relevant business categories such as healthcare, law enforcement, banking, real estate, security, agriculture and law. We have brought all this expertise and experience together so we can credibly be called “The Voice of Trade” for the Missouri Medical Cannabis Industry.

By becoming a member of MoCannTrade, you recognize the importance of investing in an emerging industry and want to participate in the successful implementation of Missouri’s medical cannabis efforts through education, advocacy and responsibility.  We have a variety of business member levels for medical cannabis licensed businesses and non-plant touching / trade associated businesses seeking the benefits of a member-based association.


Serve as an informational and educational, member-based association. Be the voice of trade for the Missouri medical cannabis industry.


Represent the interests of all medical cannabis stakeholders from industry and government to physicians and patients. Collaborate to create a sustainable industry that works for Missouri patients, communities and providers.


Ensure a responsible and successful medical cannabis industry through the creation and protection of sensible laws, regulations and public policies.
Member Benefits
  • Industry lobbying in the capital to ensure safe, sensible regulations and successful program implementation
  • Work to ensure a fair application process, judged on merits
  • Give / receive feedback, recommendations and solutions for industry challenges
  • Access to recommended partner and vendor networks
  • Access to other state license applications as reference
  • Industry expertise events and conferences at discounted rates
  • Business credibility from association membership
  • Communicate with, engage or present to board
  • Members-only content (documentation, business planning and educational info)
  • Influence on patient form standards to benefit the state, dispensers and health systems
  • Provision of best practices from other cannabis-legal states (testing Info, forms, SOP)
  • Member business promotion via MoCannTrade web and social channels
Events and Seminars
  • Making Application / Application Support and Guidance
  • Patient Care Specialist Training (HIPAA compliance, patient intake and form recos)
  • Learn from the Experts on License Location Relationships
  • Capital Raising and Fundraising
  • Grow Styles In-house & Greenhouse
  • Extraction Methods, Product Forms and Testing
  • Dispensary Management
  • Education of Constituencies
  • Equipment and Growing
  • Training, Compliance and SOPs
  • Missouri Cannabis Laws
  • Patient & Health System Success Stories

Become a Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association Member.