Industry Overview

MoCannTrade was established to lead, guide and support the successful implementation of medical cannabis efforts in our state. By assembling a robust group of professionals with category experience and expertise, we are the “Voice of Trade” for the Missouri Medical Cannabis industry. Our organization represents decades of business and industry knowledge in Missouri, other cannabis legal states, program implementations and business operations.

Our primary areas of industry and trade impact are:

noahs arc foundation of missouri cultivation

Cultivation and Agriculture

Crop cultivation is the foundation of the cannabis industry. All other facets of a canna-business start with successful cultivation. As cultivation license entrepreneurs prepare their applications, a clear understanding of the laws and rules under which cannabis is cultivated will guide decisions related to growing operations and methods–indoor, greenhouse or full sun. Knowledge of planting mediums, lighting, security, systems control and pest management play a crucial role in the success of your canna-business and license application.

Extraction and Processing

The fastest growing categories in the medical marijuana industry are infused products and edibles. Yearly, the percent sales of these categories continue to increase while lowering flower sales. There are a variety of methods to extract cannabinoids (for example THC and CBD.) Several of the more popular ways include CO2, alcohol, hydrocarbons (such as butane or propane), and water. Infused products typically see a 30% profit margin.

Dispensing and Patient Care

This is the point where customers interact with cannabis industry professionals, choosing the products they wish to purchase. It’s the opportunity to shine or fail. A well trained, knowledgeable staff can convert a first time visitor into a repeat customer. Poorly trained employees could ultimately lead to legal jeopardy or unwanted reactions from poor product choices and usage. A properly prepared SOP plan can help to ensure business success and a strong customer base.

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